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A poetic Journey

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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When Ye Come From Blur

Like the Moon wading through clouds reaches to sight
So ye come from blur at dead of night
Sliding the mist of darkness from my dreams
As your Self billows more and far clearing the night

Like vernal blossoms Hope blooms in my pest-ridden veins
So this ruffled Woodbine like the Sun’s first ray shines
And the sprouts shed off wintry flakes as to you they cling
And, like vernal bees, also my drunken heart doth sing

Like a discharged patient, my nascent Self newly tries
Where neither pain, nor does it count mine past cries
Ah! the gleeful Soul dances with the verdant mind
As the Rose has bloomed though Spring’s still far behind

The pallor of darkness withdraws into an invisible region
When you lie beside me for a thousand reason.

© P. K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

My Song ‘ll Never Bore Through…

My world has crumbled which once I built with much care
And my bulgy heart bleeds which none can share
That once danced with the spring’s sweet cadence
When my youthful love bloomed with hope’s eternal presence

In her embrace, my joy, like my love, was eternal
And her one sweet kiss was enough to make me immortal
The time ticked back to ward off the day from his stare
So the moon and stars had their happy times to share

O Ingratitude! Sweet thy smile but venomous thy tongue
As thy sly motifs lie latent but on lips ye put a sweet song
O child of Selfish-fiend! Now I’m dying by your lone fang
I can’t hold this truth when agony has reached with her gang

Now, she laughs- ah, a jeery laugh
As with her new man miles she walks
And wipe our footprints near the oak and beside the rill
As she finds them shine like shards in the dale and on the hill

Her smile so charming often sparks like the cloudy clicks,
The dew drops are all afresh upon petals of her rosy lips
And every second her nubile face to my memory calls
To warble a song that ‘ll never bore through her still walls.

© P. K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

Love’s Satiated Power

Even after many days since we met
at the coppice gate
Your voice so sweet and fresh lilts forth
In my ears like the falling water of a rivulet;
And like bubbles bubble forth
Your beads of interjections
At the sight of excitement
When black clouds sat on the top of Nilgiri Mountain
Sinking the sun into an infinite bottom
Exciting peacocks to shake their hued buttocks all of a sudden-
And on the glade cast a rainbow 🌈 clone
That you often mistook as if the one in ether shone

On the lone path when we walked
No fear stalked- of antics of men or of the night’s talon
To de-embrace us or foil our banters then
On thy queries me often lisped to appropriate
Like some audience on a good joke
You laughed at my mistake
And your unconscious hands some hyacinths tore off
Since the river of love was in spate
And us it ‘d victims make- both blind, passionate, and unconscious
Loved to swim across

  • amidst turns, twists, and kisses strong-
    Up to cover an infinite path
    Between passion and throb of heart
    Carrying satchel of love on our tangled back
    Into that sprawling path we then departed

Here, you often in the arena of my imagination walk
And the temper of thy torrid breath I also mark
So also smell the smell of thy musky self
Very often that tumults my lustreless self
And the present pants on the chest of past often
On each passing day or at a season’s turn
Like the day, now I do shiver
When Sister Rain visits her younger Winter
How long will you stay out dear
Will not he reach out to you there?
Before he spreads his tentacles further
To catch our verdant Youth to trample us under
Let’s unite to beat him with another hug
Under my furry cover
And cook our veg Love
And let its steam billow higher and higher
In and out of this chamber
To de-intensify his cold blows and his hail shower
And to show him the love’s satiated power.

© Prafulla K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

-21: When You’re Gone

At the break of dawn
You’re gone
Into an inaccessible region
Where from none doth ever return

Together we ‘re
Since the day I celebrated your birth
Life got an aid of cheers and fun
And swayed like a drunkard with a stein of rum

At once, my tears dried up and vanished into heaven
Unknown how it welled up again
And like August rain heavily rained on
Before I knew you’d grown wanton

That day you proudly slipped away
Into a far off land
On return, carried a cart load of pain
When lakhs slain, yon deserted plain

Quite puffed up then
When with COVID you walked in tandem
Although you’re around but I missed
For I, unlike you, lot afraid, didn’t proceed

Only yesterday, you coughed and feeble grew
I came and embraced you
To count memories from pool of tears ye rued
For together we spent the nights and our days hued

Now, I mourn at the break of dawn
Ah! my tears seen, but you’re none
Now you’re gone
Into an inaccessible region
Where from, none doth ever return.

a New Year (-22) now I welcome.

© P.K.Panda. India.
Happy New Year -22 to all ❤️❤️🙏🙏❤️❤️.

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O Truth! Let Me Release You

As earth tolerates a climate of the intense hot,
So do I- my fall from a himalayan top
How long, I ‘d limp and curse my fate?
       -I can seal this truth never at any rate

When an untimely sorrow did my world shatter
And cornered me into a dark, fathomless crater
And like a leafless tree I’ve been forsaken
To live a lacklustre life, sans her, alone

Until now, O Truth! You lived with me,
Until now, like morning dew you ‘d gleam with me
Happy was my day, and pleasant my time
My lips thrilled, so did they a ballad chime
       -of Love- and so brilliantly it’d rhyme
Happy was I, so happily the boat was rowing
Into the horizon, where the earth met the blue line
To find the new sun how into a new world it ‘d shine

I don’t like to hold you further
I am repressed, until I don’t release you into the air
For your sweetness I tasted, which now has turned so bitter.

© P. K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

When You Are With Me

When you’re with me,
Pleasant is my journey
When love’s been an aid-
A glow on dark to illumine my path,
Also an elixir to quench my thirst

As spring with its sweet tongues
Whispers into a tree with promises many-
A life full of youthful vigour- lots of feasibility-
Amidst offshoots many,
So you do come with the vernal wind
To comfort my unstable mind-
To soothe my arid soul-
And instill in my heart with hopes many
And to self a new role

So stirred I, bundle up all treasures
And tie the bale to my back-
To row on in the life’s great Ocean
And unto the distant horizon
When you readily step up along the mission.

© Prafulla K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

When You Are Gone

When you’re gone
Like a broken lyre,
I lie down to splutter
To add a mournful song
To the Play enacted on tattered trust
In which, although, you and I take part
But our roles are set apart-
Where you play a greater part-
Strut and laugh and your ways part
Overshadowing my roles into insignificant
As soon the passion in you sparked
And unbridled grew
You ripped the chord of the Trust apart
Making my love grow into a trail of frost
At sight, though it lie, but you hardly trace
And now, I flutter lying on this flat ground
To live an ignoble life, without you.

© Prafulla K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

At Broken Trust

I flew high,
Along the wind in the sky
-Exultant like the child
Who held the thread
And stepped mindfully on the ground
The passion in me sparked
Alas! unbridled grew
To soar high to touch the sky
Against the flow of the wind,
Which in a moment blurred my mind
To rip off the vein of Trust
That he spread for me
To be dropped down to flutter
On the old banyan top,
Choked after that great thud
And checked of the flow of blood
To live an ignoble life.

© Prafulla K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

Yes, Love Has A Beginning

Yes, Love Has A Beginning

Like a lone patch of cloud, alone as I moved
Suddenly in my heart a storm billowed
As away from gathering, at a short distance she stood
And dipped herself in crimson rays as much as she could

When her eyes drawled at the setting sun
Then like hot tomatoes her glossy cheeks shone
And her lips spread like the fresh rose petals
There a spark of love flashed like the very crystals

Impatiently, I stopped like a weary steed
To enquire where could her legs at this hour lead
A waft of musk from her buxom self quaked my soul
And volleyed my mortal structure sans a goal

Like petals of jasmine, in May, draws bees near,
Her strands of silky hair dragged me near
To caress and to cherish a return- my worthy share
And alift her upon arms to possess her here-after

Neither my love had its rooting in the morn
Nor at noon had it picked up its run
When the weary sun climbed to the top rung
And swayed it’s golden hues like a magic wand
So charmed me my Love with her divine song

When she stooped a little and so cared
And her still drooping eyes timidly whispered
Yes, my love has had a beginning
And its growth, sure, is beyond time
With roots on earth but to blossom divine.

© Prafulla K. Panda. All Rights Reserved.

O Dear, My Dear!

O dear! Arise and awake
Come to the window, see how the night rubs her hazy eyes
And scolds the day for his early rise
When the cock crows louder to her surprise

O ! Arise and awake
The storm that yester night roared outside
Has slyly tucked its tail and now not in sight
Soon after our lust’s commotion did subside

O dear! Arise and awake, and don’t fear
At the night’s long, melancholy and echoing moan
Like an apparition has it far off flown
With the arrival of the enchanter sun

The Earth’s all smiles and has a usual run
When the sun has strewn his rays crimson
Upon the dewy canvas of Autumn morn
Where Kash steps round and round like a drunken man

The mynas ‘ve reached and they hop at our door
And twitter while preening their unkempt feather
To eat the bits of your affection
And rid her belly-screech which since long so gather

In this docile morn
Like a child afresh with a handsome mien,
Bougainvillea, and hibiscus ‘re freshly born
And spread their petals like a nubile’s  wavy mane

And the dandy butterfly proudly flaps
While dipping in the sun’s crimson rays
To arouse the hornets from their nightly chains
For together to sip nectar like the yore days

O dear, My dear !
Carry no more weary to this new morn
Like darling Earth, oblivious of the foregone storm,
Rises afresh to embrace all lowly and great
So, my sweet lady- rise to all happiness churn

Delay not, soon dilate your hazel eyes
And wear a smile on your pulpy sight
On this fine day, gently ignite my dormant soul
With a spark of your sweety, catchy love
— let’s live; and let me too some potions dole.

© P. K. Panda

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